Telegram (TDATA) | Indonesia | 10+ days old | Gender: Mix | FULL name + avatar | For spam and invite

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Two-factor password: 8veUf2V3q

Account Descriptions: * Ideal for Spam and Invite messages * 10+ days old
* Telegram accounts created in the portable version. * Mix gender. Important: to get started, put Telegram.exe in the tData folder and run it. If you have the software, you know what to do. Instructions for use on the portable version: After payment, you will receive a link to download a file with an already authorized profile, which you can immediately use in your work, or transfer to any other runtime environment. IMPORTANT: * Log in exclusively from a pure private proxy of the Indonesia! If you log in with a burnt IP, your account will be banned, in which case you will be denied a replacement. * Make sure that no other telegram is opened in the task manager, if it is open, then terminate all processes. * Do not use free services to change the IP, they are used by many people, and because of this, there may be a chance to ban the account.